chordy overstreet

Chord Overstreet, you know me from Glee.

Reunited | Chord and Dianna 

Maybe it was the fact that it had been so long since he had seen her, or maybe it was just the fact that Chord was obviously still harboring feelings for Dianna - whatever it was, he was more than excited to be able to be spending time with her.  He knew about what time to meet her outside of set, considering it wasn’t his time to be back on set yet, he wasn’t 100 percent positive.  But, he would be willing to wait however long was possible.  Looking down at the clock flashing on his iPhone, Chord knew that it was about time to get this show on the road.  He grabbed a light jacket off of the chair on the other side of his bedroom before throwing it on and glancing in the mirror.  He smirked at himself before shaking his head.  To say that he wasn’t on cloud nine for getting the opportunity to see Dianna first would be the biggest lie known to man.  He didn’t want everyone to see how he was going to react whenever he saw her for the first time.

The perks of being on the Glee cast, or in his cast he had been on the Glee cast was that the set had always been located fairly close to where he lived.  So Chord pulled the hood up over his head to hide his features before pulling his sunglasses down to cover his eyes before he made his way towards set and Dianna.  He made it to the outside fence before seeing a crowd of people standing outside; fans were always trying to sneak a peek at whatever was going on.  He wasn’t sure how he was going to get around them, so he did the only thing he knew what to do; call Telly.  In his time working for Glee, he had become very aware of Telly.  He was always hanging around Naya, but Chord was never totally positive as to what exactly his job was.  After following Telly’s orders, Chord traveled to the back of the set before seeing a door open and Telly’s head poking out.  In a matter of minutes, Chord was back on set.

Being on set when everything was wrapping up wasn’t exactly what Chord wanted.  He didn’t want to be seen, and he looked towards Telly before searching his eyes.  “Bro, where is Dianna?  I’m supposed to be meeting her…I wanna be a surprise to everyone in a couple days and you know…”  He said, trying to hint at what he wanted.  He looked down at his phone as Telly whisked him away to where Dianna’s trailer was located.  Opening a text message, he saw that she had texted him, informing him that she was almost done on set.  “Yo, Tell, thanks so much, okay?”  And with that, Telly was gone.  He knocked on Dianna’s trailer and as soon as he didn’t get an answer, he made his way into her trailer.  It felt weird being in here without her, but he was hoping that she wouldn’t mind.  He dialed her number as he took a seat on her couch and as he heard her voice overwhelm his ear, all he could do was smile.  “Hey, blondie.  I’m running, um, a bit late…so how about you just…chill in your trailer or something and I’ll let you know whenever I’m outside.”  He smirked to himself, knowing that as soon as she walked into her trailer, she would be blindsided and faced with him.